This analysis (sent via an unlisted YouTube link) will provide a pitcher with an assessment of her fastball mechanics AND links to view video clips of specific drills that will help her improve the areas identified during this analysis.

How to Shoot the Video

  1. Video camera
  2. Phone (shoot horizontally)
  3. Tablet (shoot horizontally)

Submitting Video for Assessment

Two clips must be sent via email (myndie@breakthrewfastpitch.com).

IMPORTANT: Make sure you do NOT move the camera during the pitch! Movement creates a large blur during frame by frame analysis. (See camera examples on this page.)

  1. One pitch from the pitcher's throwing side
  2. One pitch from in front of the pitcher

Video Assessment

Upon ordering an assessment, you will receive an email verifying receipt of your payment and video clips. Please allow up to 2 weeks for the analysis to be completed.

Below is an example of a video analysis.

Cost for Analysis: $75