Pitcher's Training Program

If you are looking for the most comprehensive program BreakThrew Fastpitch offers, here it is! The Pitcher's Training program is a 7-month lesson program designed for pitchers ages seven years and up that are passionate about pitching, committed to improving their skills AND are willing to put in practice time outside of lessons. The athletes participating in this intense, structured program WILL get better if they follow the lesson plans and put in the work!

Training begins in late October and runs through late April or early May. The program consists of 14, 1-hour lessons or 7, 2-hour lessons spread out over this 7-month time period. The pitchers are put in classes of 5 (1-hour classes) or 6 (2-hour classes) girls with other athletes of the same skill/age and will work with the same class for all lessons. These small group classes are set up to challenge the athletes both physically and mentally. Group lessons add a competitive component to training. Much of what will do will push each athlete out of her comfort zone and teach her how to respond when things get tough during games. Training in small groups also gives each athlete an opportunity to learn how to make adjustments without having to be told something to correct every pitch. This is VITAL to a pitcher’s success during competition. I believe that it’s important for pitchers and catchers to train in a similar environment to what they will experience when they compete and small group classes allow me to do this extremely well!

All three training seasons will be covered in the program: off-season, pre-season and in-season. During off-season training (October to January) pitchers have the largest opportunity for improvement. We work on perfecting mechanics, gaining power, learning a pitch or concept of movement and improving spins. Dartfish video analysis will be used in all classes so that pitchers can SEE what they are working to improve. In January pre-season training begins. This is when intense target work and fine tuning of the pitches used during competition becomes a priority. Identifying batter weaknesses and understanding how to pitch to hitters will also be a big focus. Lessons and practice sessions will simulate the environment felt during competition. In-seasontraining will take place once competition begins. Game charts will be kept and performances reviewed. Small adjustments will be made based on these performances. Pitchers will work on improving their mental game throughout the ENTIRE program. Confidence building, dealing with adversity, setting up competition routines, and learning how to make adjustments under pressure will be just a few of the areas covered.

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BreakThrew Fastpitch pitching schools are a great way to get a lot of quality instruction in a short amount of time. They range in length from 2-hour, small group sessions on one specific concept to 2-day, 12-hour all-inclusive schools that cover a little bit of everything! Some of the topics covered during camps include: Mechanics, Speed/Power Development, Controlling the Ball, Changing Speed, Movement Spins, and Competitive Drills & Games.

On-Line Pitcher's Training Program

This lesson program is designed for pitchers in 3rd grade and older of all skill levels that are unable to participate in regular lessons with BreakThrew Fastpitch due to distance or scheduling conflicts. The program includes:

FIVE Monthly lessons from the “BreakThrew Fastpitch Series” DVD’s

TWO Individual Dartfish Video Analysis sessions done by Myndie Berka (examples below)

Training Manual with:
20 weeks of unique workouts based on the monthly DVD lesson
- Off-Season, Pre-Season and In-Season workouts are all included

Practice log to record workouts throughout the program

Assignments/handouts covering:
- Pre-throwing routine
- Goal setting
- Pre-game warm-ups
- Establishing routines during practice/competition
- Dealing with adversity during practice/competition
- Setting up hitters

YouTube video links that cover:
- The Pre-Throwing Routine pitchers will use throughout the 5-month program (includes jump rope, stretching and resistance bands)
- How to shoot your video clips for analysis
- Goal Setting Assignment
- Establishing Routines/Dealing with Adversity Assignment

Monthly practice log checks to hold each pitcher accountable for doing the WORKOUTS!