Myndie Berka


Myndie Berka

Myndie Berka is the owner/pitching instructor of BreakThrew Fastpitch. She has taught hundreds of girls since she started training pitchers in 1996. Some of her pitchers have:

  1. Competed at the Women’s College World Series at the NCAA DI, DII, NAIA and JUCO levels.
  2. Have been named collegiate All-Americans.
  3. Have been collegiate national strikeout leaders at both the NCAA DI and DII levels.
  4. Have been drafted to and played professionally in the National Pro Fastpitch league.
  5. Have played in the U.S. National Team program.
  6. Have played internationally in Europe.
  7. Held high school state strikeout records in both Iowa and Missouri.
  8. Won High School State Championships and Youth National Championships.

Myndie has been fortunate to get the opportunity to work closely with many top coaches and athletes in the game including over 5 years with world-renowned pitching coach & current NPF Commissioner, Cheri Kempf as well as 3-time Olympic Gold Medalist and current UCLA assistant coach, Lisa Fernandez.

Prior to establishing BreakThrew Fastpitch, Berka was employed by Worth Club K. Her responsibilities there included: developing and implementing the Off-Site Lesson Program; teaching pitching to athletes in IA, MO, KS, IL, TN, AL, KY, GA, MS & AK, and organizing and instructing at camps/clinics throughout the Southeast and Midwest.

Myndie had a strong playing career at Iowa State University as a pitcher and was recognized three years as an Academic All-Big 8 Conference First Team selection. In 1989, she was recognized as the state of Iowa's Player of the Year. She is a 1993 graduate of Iowa State University (BS - Exercise Physiology) and a 1996 graduate of Des Moines University (MS - Health Care Administration). Prior to teaching pitching as her full-time occupation, Myndie was the Wellness Director at the Iowa Farm Bureau and a Sales Representative for Merck Pharmaceuticals.

Read more about Myndie in an article by the Nevada Iowa Journal.

The Alumni

2017 Top-Level Competitors

(Western KY)
NPF, Scrapyard Dawgs
2017 Cowles Cup Winner

2017 WCWS National Champions

All-Region & All-Big Ten Pitcher
20 game winner

(Indiana Hills CC)
NJCAA D1 All-American

The History


BreakThrew Fastpitch was established to provide opportunities for girls who have a PASSION for the sport of Fastpitch softball and the DESIRE to reach their full potential as PITCHERS! I prepare each athlete in my structured lesson program with the physical and mental skills needed to play softball at the college level and we have a lot of FUN while we train!

A large amount of responsibility is placed on each athlete to commit to the training provided including practice time OUTSIDE of lessons! I believe that instilling a strong work ethic and personal accountability at a young age teaches great habits that will carry over into all areas of each athlete’s life and truly help to develop her self-confidence!

BreakThrew Fastpitch Facts
  • Nearly 300 pitchers from 15 states take lessons with BreakThrew Fastpitch for 7-8 months each year by being a part of the Pitcher’s Training Program.
  • Pitchers that train with BreakThrew Fastpitch learn more than just physical skills during lessons, they learn the value of a strong work ethic, how to bounce back from failure and the mental skills necessary for them to be able to compete every pitch!
  • BreakThrew Fastpitch pitchers have earned scholarships and played at over 70 different colleges or universities across the country. They have also played in the National Pro Fastpitch League, in the US National Team program and internationally in Europe.