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There are 2 different options to receive In-Person training:

OPTION #1: 14 Hours of Group Classes

  • 12, 1-hour pitching classes
  • 2, 1-hour MINDSET classroom sessions
  • This is the MOST POPULAR in-person training option. It's how lessons have been taught since BreakThrew Fastpitch was founded in 2006. 
  • This option allows pitchers to get the most frequent, in-person instruction and face-to-face feedback.
  • Instructor to pitcher ratio no higher than 1-5.
  • All classes taught by Myndie Berka.
  • Classes begin in late October and run through April.

OPTION #2: 3-Day Clinics (18-hours of instruction)

  • This training option that is perfect for families living too far away to attend regular small group lessons OR that have many other time commitments and can not attend more frequent in-person training
  • 1-Weekend Clinic (2-days, 12-hours) in December + 1-Sunday Clinic (1 day, 6-hours) in February that includes both pitching instruction and mindset classroom sessions
  • Instructor to pitcher ratio no higher than 1-8.
  • All 3 days will be led by Myndie Berka who will be assisted by BreakThrew Fastpitch alumni if numbers require it.

In-Person training is open to pitchers 8 years and older that are excited about learning more about pitching AND practicing the skills that they learn during their training.

Registration for all 2024-25 In-Person Training Programs will begin in mid-September!

Questions? E-mail Myndie at [email protected]

A Glimpse Of What In-Person Training  Classes Look Like:

This training program is designed for pitchers ages 8 years and up that LOVE pitching, are passionate about improving their skills AND willing to put in WORK outside of lessons.

  • Training runs from the late fall and continues through the spring.
  • Small group classes or clinics are set up to challenge athletes both physically and mentally.
  • Group training adds a competitive component to training that will push pitchers out of their comfort zones. They MUST train in a competitive environment so they are prepared for what it feels like AND how to respond during games!
  • Training in small groups gives also give athletes an opportunity to learn HOW to make adjustments without being told something to correct every pitch. This is VITAL to being successful during competition!

All THREE training seasons will be covered:

  • Off-season training offers the largest opportunity for improvement. It involves:
    • Developing a Strong Foundation of Mechanics
      • Including the use of slow motion video
    • Gaining Strength/Speed
    • Developing Off-Speed and/or Movement
    • Habit Building, Routines
    • Understanding and Developing a Growth Mindset 
    • Practicing Good Body Language and Self-Talk
    • There is very little focus on RESULTS during off-season!
  • Pre-season training begins a few weeks before competition starts. It involves:
    • Hitting Targets
    • Fine Tuning Movement and Deception
    • Identifying Strengths Through Charting Bullpens
    • Understanding Pitch Sequences
    • Identifying Hitter Weaknesses
    • Using Pre-Pitch and Pre-Game Routines
    • Competitive Mindsets
    • Head to Head Competitions with Classmates
    • Creating Process Focused Goals
  • In-season training will take place once games begin. It involves:
    • Reviewing Pitch Charts from games
    • Identifying Areas for Improvement Before the Next Game
    • Fighting Through the Adversity that Shows Up
    • Fine Tune Competition Routines
    • Practicing good body language and self-talk.

A large amount of responsibility will be placed on each pitcher accepted into the program to PRACTICE at home between lessons! Investing the time and work FREQUENTLY and CONSISTENTLY throughout the program is the key to getting RESULTS!


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