This 4 to 7-month lesson program is designed for pitchers ages 8 years and up that LOVE pitching, are passionate about improving their skills AND willing to put in WORK outside of lessons.

Training runs form late fall and continues through early/late spring. Pitchers are put in classes of 5 (1-hour) or 6 (2-hour) girls with other athletes of similar skill/age and will meet with me for 14, 1-hour lessons or 7, 2-hour lessons over this time period. Small group classes are set up to challenge the athletes both physically and mentally. These classes add a competitive component to training to push athletes out of their comfort zones and teach them how to respond when things get tough during games. Training in small groups gives also give athletes an opportunity to learn how to make adjustments without being told something to correct every pitch. This is VITAL to success during competition and it’s important for pitchers and catchers to train in a similar environment to what they will experience when they compete!

All three training seasons will be covered in this comprehensive program. During off-season training pitchers have the largest opportunity for improvement. We work on perfecting mechanics, gaining power, learning a pitch or concept of movement and improving spins. Dartfish video analysis and Rapsodo will be used in classes so that pitchers can SEE what they are working to improve. Pre-season training begins about 6 weeks before competition starts. This is when intense target work and fine tuning of the pitches used during games becomes a priority. Identifying batter weaknesses and understanding how to pitch to hitters will also be a big focus. Lessons and practice sessions will simulate the environment felt during competition. In-season training will take place once games begin. Pitch charts will be kept and performances reviewed with small adjustments made between games. Throughout the program, we will work to build confidence, learn how to fight through adversity, set up competition routines, and practice good body language and self-talk.

A large amount of responsibility will be placed on each pitcher accepted into the program to do the work assigned. All participants will be required to keep a practice log that will be reviewed at each lesson.