Here's What Parents of Current BreakThrew Fastpitch Students Have to Say...

"Myndie offers an extremely comprehensive education. I'm not sure how to name this quality but it is definitely one of her gifts. Amidst teaching the very technical and mechanical aspects of top-level pitching, she interweaves instruction on work ethic, mental and physical development, being good people/teammates, how to use failure to succeed, the power of positive thinking, overcoming adversity, realizing individual strengths and how to use them, and countless other components of the game of softball. When students train with Myndie they get all of the above as well as instruction that is individualized and progressional. "

"I've been around a lot of camps and instruction as both a player and a coach. Myndie has an amazing ability to organize and run an efficient and effective lesson plan! She is creative! We have been coming to lessons for 7 years and she comes up with new and fun ways to work on the same fundamentals. Finally and certainly not least, she has a unique way of motivating the girls! They want to impress her and please her. She doesn't have to be a cheerleader for them and they still want to always do their very best for her and themselves. I would say this is probably her biggest and best super power!"

"Myndie is very positive yet fair with the girls. She can always find something they are doing well that is relevant, but not just trying to find something nice to say. She is very honest with them. If they are not doing what they need to do she is not afraid to call them out on it, yet she also pushes them to go farther than they think they can go. The other thing that I still don't know how she does, since she is in two different places and has a lot of girls to work with, is being approachable. She always makes time for the girls when they need it! "

"Myndie has a great way of holding her students accountable by being firm but encouraging at the same time. She is always focused on the process and not the outcome. It appears she can emotionally detach herself from her students results and stay focused on improvements! She is always supportive and encouraging to all her students no matter what their talent level."

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