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What People are Saying About Their Experience Training with Myndie & BreakThrew Fastpitch

"Myndie Berka is an exceptional pitching instructor. She has a vast knowledge of the game and what it takes to be successful at the highest levels of play. The thing that sets BreakThrew Fastpitch apart from other lesson programs and camps is the instructional format that Myndie uses with her students. Pitchers are taught to be accountable for themselves and learn to work to attain practice, season, as well as long term goals. Pitchers who train with Myndie learn to analyze, problem-solve, and make adjustments which ultimately leads to positive outcomes both on and off the field. Myndie trains the whole pitcher, her students are prepared to handle physically and mentally demanding situations because they have trained for them. She has made a huge impact on our on our daughter and we will be forever grateful for all that she does to inspire little girls to grow into strong, independent young women."

- Billie H

"BreakThrew Fastpitch has been an incredible thing for my family both on and off the field. I have 2 daughters who have gone through Myndie's system. My daughters were two very different style of pitchers with two very different personalities and Myndie and her program helped make both very successful. Myndie coaches them in more than just softball, she teaches self-confidence. I can’t say how much I have seen my daughters grown as athletes and as strong young women. As a parent, one of my favorite things about BreakThrew, and one of the reasons I recommend it to anyone, is that I never had to question if Myndie had the best intentions for my daughters, whether it was teaching them safe mechanics or pushing them out of their comfort zone. My girls have done both camps and lessons throughout their softball careers and I think that it has truly prepared them to play at the Division I level. We get asked all the time about pitching coaches, I always refer them to Myndie. I also tell people that if they aren’t sure they want to commit to full-blown pitching lessons yet, they should absolutely try one of the BreakThrew camps. I truly think that if you are seeking something for your daughter that is not only in her best interest as an athlete but really the best for her as an overall person, Myndie and BreakThrew Fastpitch is the way to go. If you want a program to help your daughter be a successful pitcher at any level, don't wait - learn the right way now. It has been a huge tool to my girls success both on and off the field."

- Amy H

This program is awesome! My 10-year-old daughter is barely 6 months in and has already increased 5-6 mph in speed! Her accuracy is also spot on! Myndie is very encouraging but also pushes the girls when they need it. Anyone can go to lessons, but the workouts in between are what have made my daughter so much stronger and confident. They are fun, but challenging, and she wants to do them! We are so lucky we found this program and got into it!

- Jennifer J

As a BTF Student, I would recommend BreakThrew Fastpitch & Myndie to absolutely anyone. Myndie and her programming has made me better in innumerable ways. As an athlete, I can honestly say that I got better week to week and year to year. Over the years of her instruction and program, there was always new things for me to learn and constant challenges so I continued to get better, truly preparing me to pitch at the Division I level. From an emotional and mental side of the game, Myndie has always been a constant source of support. After a bad game, I can always count on Myndie to not only lift my spirits, but to help me be better for the next day. She gives me confidence as a person and as a player. I truly don’t know what kind of athlete I would be without her.

- Riley H

My 10-year-old daughter just completed a 2-day camp with Myndie and she loved it. She's at a beginner level and learned so much I couldn't believe it! Myndie and the other coaches were great with the kids (of all levels/ages). I was there to hear her talk to them about attitude, body language and dealing with the ups and downs while pitching in a game - so important! Oh, and despite the HOT building and heat index of 106 in Iowa, Myndie and the coaches still had smiles on their can tell they really love the sport. Thank you!

- Mary S

Myndie works hard with the girls on the mental side of the game, not just the physical! Love that. She runs her camps and lessons better than a lot of "team" camps with tons of helpers/coaches. Organized, efficient and productive. She expects the girls to do the work outside of class but doesn't bunch everybody into the same level of experience - very individual workouts/results! Best pitching coach around!

- Alan D

Myndie's instruction is awesome! She has taught our 10-year-old both the physical and mental approach to pitching that has stretched into other parts of her game and life. This program is a lot of hard work and it pays off!! In 38 innings this spring for my daughter, it's produced 97 strikeouts and 18 walks and an ERA below 1. Unbelievable for someone that didn't throw their first pitch until 2 years ago....much to be accounted for by the fundamentals taught by this program. It really is a BreakThrew!

-Scott M


As a former pitcher myself and now head varsity coach and pitching coach-I can say that Myndie and BreakThrew Fastpitch offer the highest quality camps and instruction! Myndie is great with kids of all ages and breaks down pitching better than I’ve ever seen it done!

- Tara R